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tastingnotes: Telling the story of wine - mouthfullness instead of mindfulness

I love my cozy apartment, my 3 cats, good food, chocolate, riding horses, yoga and pilates, going out on a summer city night, enjoying extended aperos with my sweet and dear friends, and of course, tasting some good wines from time to time.

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It is fascinating how a tiny berry, with the right guidance of dedicated people, and with the help of nature and time, turns into this magical product that we call wine. A product that is so much more than an alcoholic drink. And the most fascinating of it all: you read all this in your glass: time, effort, nature, sun, rain, air, attention and dedication.

Wine tasting can seem a complex thing to do, but it is only just a matter of being comfortable in finding the words to describe what you observe with your eyes, nose and mouth. For me wine tasting is not about memorizing excellent wine years, or reciting the best chateau’s, even though this is also interesting. Mostly it’s about a personal experience, about discovering what you like, developing a taste, and learning how to choose the best wines with your apero or dinner plans. Its about pleasure and fun and about learning, or better even, getting an insight in how we smell and taste things.

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I got passionate about wine about 10 years ago, and since then I followed as many courses as I could: several wine tasting classes, a special food pairing class, finally a 3 years’ training as a sommelier, and on top of that a two-year course in wine making. I try to help out in vineyards whenever I can, I love pruning and harvesting, and I make my own non-commercial wines. Yes, in Belgium! And yes, as a city girl!

Since a few years I organize small, informal tasting events. Pleasant gatherings around a theme. We taste several wines per evening, comparing them, learning how to describe them, and linking the tastes with food options. Check out the event page for upcoming activities!

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Wine tasting events